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This picture was supplied by Mike Burgess who attended Woodhouse Grammar School between 1952 and 1958. The full size image is 1200 pixels wide and 140k, which (See also WGS 1923 photos by Rodney Shaw and Jon Layne's Woodhouse Grammar School essay and photos)....

Woodhouse grammar school class photo 1956

Mike couldn't remember all of the names from 47 years earlier but those that he could are:

From the back left ;

Woodwork teacher Mr Rotherham [ID supplied by ex pupil Alan Smart who described him as 'a brilliant teacher']/ alan reid / unknown / hugh betteridge / economics teacher / pe teacher / horton / unknown / richardson [later mrs Frost]/ / wynn /

middle row -- unknown except last from end but one --miss french [Alan says she's actually Miss Plaice, french was her subject]

front row --- gill / langridge / baston / barker / lindley / pinion / beynon / fox / atherton/ jamieson / cooper? (physics)

If anyone can fill in some of the missing names please email them to me.

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