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These pictures were taken by Jon Layne at the 2008 school reunion. It was held inside the building that now stands on the site of the old Woodhouse Grammar School. It shows some of the attendees and the unveiling of a commerorative plaque on 5th July 2008.

Interior of new building - main function hall

Rear of building - this part (residential housing) faces down Furnace Lane

commemorative stone from facade of WGS - originally above windows of school hall

hall windows now in new building in approximately same position as their original one

Roy Gascoyne (one of reunion organisers) introduces the events. To his right is Miss Jessie Baston, Teacher of French at WGS

Jessie unveils commemorative plaque

Close-up of plaque

Entrance on to Station Road - gate posts in position of original entrance to WGS and Headteacher's Office


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