Author Topic: LED light bulbs - my story so far.....  (Read 3979 times)

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LED light bulbs - my story so far.....
« on: October 11, 2011, 03:11:12 PM »
Thought I'd share this energy saving experience:

In my kitchen I have just replaced a 6 of my 11w energy saving compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) with a load of 3w 'warm white' candle sized bulbs. My kitchen that has two ceiling light fittings each of which takes 3 small E14 screw bulbs (candle sized).

The old bulbs were 6 x 11w = 66w. The new ones total 18w, a saving of 48w when they're all on (which is most of the time thanks to the familiy!). I reckon that these lights are on for an average of about 8 hours a day over the year.

My leccy averages about 15p per kwh (British Gas). If the lights are on for about 8 hours a day then the saving is about 0.4kwh per day*, or about 7p per day or about £25 per year off the leccy bill.

The bulbs cost a hefty £13 each or £78 for all six. So they will pay for themselves in just over 3 years** (£78/£25). The manufacturers are Philips and they claim a 40,000 hour life for these bulbs, or over 13 years at 8 hours a day. So the last 10 years of light will be free!

Other things to bear in mind:

  • LED warm white lights are more natural than CFL
  • LEDs are at full brightness straight away (CFLs take 15 mins to warm up to full brightness)
  • CFLs will need replacing more often so the payback is probably less than 3 years
  • Unlike CFLs they contain no mercury (should they break)

Their big drawback is that most of their cost is up front, but the savings are spread out over 13 years!

And if you can find a fault with my maths then let me know before I buy another batch! They are cheaper in batches of 5 or more from some places - I got my Philips bulbs from a seller on Amazon though. The place that sold the duff unbranded bulb was

If you were thinking of switching to LED lights then I hope this post helps.

*Although if leccy keeps going up they will pay for themselves faster. 
**I tried an unbranded bulb and it more or less fell apart when I tried to screw it in, so I'm only going to buy branded bulbs from now on