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How to add a picture to a post
« on: January 10, 2011, 09:57:25 PM »
How to add a picture to a post

Basically, you need to add the image as an attachment to the post, such as the medallion shown below.  To post:

1. Click the [New Topic] button
2. Click the Additional Options... link
3. Click the [Browse] button next to the Attach: field
    - navigate to the image on your PC (jpg, png, or gif format)
    - other non image allowable attachments are doc,mpg,pdf,txt,zip
4. Click the Open button and Save the post

An example of the Additional Options > Attach procedure is shown in the lower picture (click on it to see it at full size).

NOTE: There is a 500kb limit to attachment sizes, and a maximum of 6 per post.


If you want to link to an image somewhere on the internet:

1. When posting, click the Insert Image button (ringed in red below) to add a pair of image tags [ img][/img].
2. Then put the web address between the tags e.g. putting between the tags gives:

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