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Last year the Priories Historical Society launched a blog to publicise the history and archaeology news for Nottinghamshire and South Yorkshire, the blog has been a real success with over 650 people visiting the site last month alone.  We now want to expand the blog by helping all the local museums, history societies, metal detectorists and archaeology groups spread the news of their events, meetings and news.  This will help gain as much attendance to your events as possible.

All the postings are free as the sole aim of the blog is to be a publicity campaign for Nottinghamshire and South Yorkshire's proud heritage.  We are in no way in competition with any other society, blog or website and will quite happily publicise these as well.  We see all societies as equal regardless of size or location.  To send us any information or news please e-mail us at:

The blog site is located at:

I hope to hear from you soon

David Cook
Publicity Officer
Priories Historical Society