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REVIEW: The Crucible Corner, Sheffield city centre (food review)
« on: December 31, 2010, 01:34:23 AM »
Hi again, if you read my other review I thought I should post another one which was more positive!

We went into Sheffield shopping with our 7 year old daughter and needed to eat. If you don't want McDonald's Pizza Hut or a pub that doesn't allow kids then where do you go?

We went to The Crucible Corner, a cafe/bar near to the theatres. They didn't have a children's menu but when I asked for battered cod and chips in a smaller portion it was no problem. This is a real bonus when normally there's a kids menu full of crap like nuggets and chips, burger and chips, hot dog and chips etc. I ordered roast chicken and sage and onion sandwich and my husband went for the gammon.

our food arrived after 20 minutes, obviously freshly cooked. My daughter's cod was so fresh and the batter was crisp, served with home made chips which were delicious. Also there was home made tartar sauce, and fresh peas, which she doesn't like but we did! My sandwich was the most succulent chicken served on lovely soft ciabatta bread, and my husband's gammon was "great" served with a fried egg and more home  made chips! We all enjoyed it here, will definitely return, we paid about £23  for 3 of us, also when it gets dark the lights outside look lovely.  
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