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REVIEW: The Red Lion Todwick crossroads (food review)
« on: December 31, 2010, 12:42:11 AM »
Hi all, I love eating out and always appreciate good tips from other discerning diners in the area. I don't know of another forum to share reviews of local eateries so I hope this, my first food review, will kick-start lots of lively and helpful discussions of where is good (and not so good) to eat out.

I went with my husband for a midweek Christmas treat to The Red Lion at the Todwick crossroads, A57. It's a big pub and always looks busy when we pass, so we thought we'd give it a try. It advertises "food available all day, everyday" but when we got inside we were told that many things on the menu were not available because "our suppliers haven't made a delivery".
It seemed quite dark inside, we had to stand near a wall light to read the menus, but the staff were very helpful and we both managed to find available dishes, I ordered chicken and my husband, chilli.

We had barely started sipping our drinks when the food arrived, within 5 minutes. I was told to be careful because my plate was red hot, although it had salad on! My chicken with a sauce was absolutely blisteringly hot, and the poor salad was hot and limp. Some oven chips were tasteless. It was obviously microwaved from pre-cooked and very disappointing. My husband fared a little better, his chilli was served with rice in 2 separate bowls and was "ok".

I do feel this is a shame, such a big pub in a prominent position serving such mediocre food, or am I being picky? I feel this was no better than a tesco ready meal microwaved at home, and cost £23 (admittedly with 2 pints of beer!).

I won't be going back there to eat, but will be trying other local pubs and restaurant so I hope to post some more positive reviews and hear from others who have had both good and not so good experiences. Maybe if some of the proprietors get to hear of our thoughts things might improve, and the good places will get a pat on the back for serving fresh, home cooked local food well. It's just a thought.........on the plus side my husband has just reminded me to say top marks for the real ale, a great pint of Adnams beer!
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